an award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit :
the ultimate official accolade of a visit by the president.
• an expression of praise or admiration.



Quotes, Reviews and Kind Words

Great-looking (and unique) personal site of talented illustrator/designer Gregory Bowers. Note also sentence navigation on home page.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Trusera is well designed, with a friendly interface that lends a sense of community that makes the site seem like more than just a reference guide.

– Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch

Greg is an incredibly naturally talented designer whose passion for the customer and the company’s mission is paramount. He has a very strong intuitive sense for customer needs and making design elegant while simple and highly functional. In addition, Greg is a very versatile team member and shows real ability and drive to tackle anything that comes his way.

Keith Schorsch, founder and CEO of Trusera

Gregory Bowers created [an] appealing design for photographer Jessica White. The design is very simple and understated in many ways which allows the photos to take centre stage[...] Small details make a lot of difference… Gregory’s design has 100 pixels of pure whitespace on the top of the page. I haven’t seen that idea being used anywhere else before but it really allows the design to breath.

Dave Jeffery, reviewing my design of

There are graphic designers and there is Greg Bowers. Greg listens to your ideas, integrates his own excellent ideas and pulls it all off in a very timely manner. His work is extremely professional and current. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greg.

– Tyler Champley, owner of NowOnTour

[I] love the design of this site… very cleverly-designed blog.

Jeff Croft

Greg’s style is like walking into a beautifully decorated mansion after living in the ghetto of the internet. His speed, clean code, and clean design lines are an inspiration. You can’t teach people what Greg does naturally.

– Iris Jean Lowder, Director of Information Logistics, Seminar Central

People love [the shirts Greg designed for our record label]! They look great!

– Exumbrella Records

I hadn’t expected [he’d work] so fast!... [He has a] magic touch… Yes, Greg is fast.

– Chris Hansen, creator of FX.php

As much as I love the quote from Zeldman (see above), this is one of my all time favourites, and perhaps the best email I’ve ever received in my career.

I just wanted to let you know that your website is gorgeous. Very intuitive interface, clean, readable layout, very good visual design and usability, and everything. I especially like the little things like a visual comparison of ship times. If only all e-commerce sites were so nice.

– Unsolicited praise on my design of, from site customer Tom Jackson


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