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Certain artwork, photography, and logos used on this website are copyrighted intellectual property of my clients and are used here by permission. In addition, client logos, signage, and names may be trademarked. These materials may not be reproduced elsewhere, except by their respective copyright and trademark holders.

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You may adapt techniques used in the Cascading Style Sheet in your projects, but the unique combination of images, colours, sizes, typography, and positioning (aka “the design”) is copyright 2006 Gregory Bowers and may not be reproduced. Simply changing a few colours doesn't make design theft okay.

If you feel that I have inadvertantly used your work and not properly credited you, please let me know. Making a site is a long process and things get left out!

Privacy Policy

I am a strong advocate of privacy rights, so I would never dream of harvesting personal data. Here is exactly what data this site gathers:

If you choose to send me a message via my contact form, the data you enter (plus date & time and, I believe the IP) are all I see. None of this info is used in any commercial or unsolicted form (IE, I'm not going to add you to any mailing lists or do something jerky like that. Like I said... I hate spam).