Welcome to the miscellanea that fill the nooks and crannies of every square inch of my life. Find out more about the nut that is behind all this, find some cool music, visit exceptional sites, and find the jade monkey before the next full moon.


What is that confusing word, anyway? Well, simply put, a colophon is the "about" section of a book. "But this is web site, not a book," you may say. And to that, I say "Hush, smart ass. Yo momma done taught you better than that." So, anyway, all the about/personal data are hidden in this section. Hey, even the contact and employment info. It's your lucky day, Sparky.


Hey, I think the following require a little attention…

Flickr-powered Gallery

Experimental Flickr-powered photogallery (ie, expect to see a few errors and the like… I’m still debugging, etc).


A list of some of the tracks I’ve just listened to, bands/artists I am currently enjoying, and other things I’m currently enjoying. I know… amazing.