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It's been a while. Again.

Posted: 9 March 15

So my last post to this blog was nearly 6 years ago. And it was about the iPhone 3GS, and people complaining about prices. My how things change. At the time I was just starting with TeachStreet. I was engaged and a year away from marrying my wife. I was fresh from a major surgery that February.

Fast forward to now and… people are complaining about the price of an Apple product—-namely, the $10k+ Apple Watch Edition, which you don’t need so why are you complaining about it?—-demoed today. I worked at TeachStreet until we were acqui-hired by Amazon in 2012, and I was there until a fresh surgery in February caused me to leave and re-evaluate my priorities, namely, my wife of five years and my amazingly unbelievably cool daughter, Beatrix.

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"Wait, they want more money?"

Posted: 8 June 09

So by now, everyone has heard of the iPhone 3GS. Yippee. Looks snazzy and has upgraded features. Since I’m still on my original spec iPhone (well, 16GB EDGE iPhone to be exact), it’ll most likely be my next phone upgrade. In fact, a lot of people want to upgrade to the 3GS. But there is a hiccup: if you bought last year’s 3G iPhone, you’re still in your 2 year contract, and thus not eligible for the $199 price tag. This, of course, is nothing new, but what is new is that people can whine about it on Twitter.

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Equality in commitment

Posted: 26 May 09

A good friend of mine in California sent a group message via Facebook regarding today’s ruling on Proposition 8, the banning of same-sex marriage in that state. I just wanted to share a few thoughts on commitment to a person, and why we should not hinder its existence.

While we here in WA don’t have same sex marriage legalised, we do have domestic partnerships with the same rights, regardless of gender, and legal language that does allows for gender neutrality in all rights. Of course, there are folks who want to challenge that legislation, and my hope is such a challenge will go down in flames.

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Posted: 16 April 09

Some of you who’ve read anything I’ve written online—in a non-work-related context—have noticed my propensity toward spelling in a manner alien to American English palettes. I’ll get notes and tweets from people saying I used a U when spelling colour, or that a word is not spelled with an S—it’s a Z, damn you! Today, a friend wrote on her Twitter account that she was bothered by Americans that spell in this manner; we’re not English, for Pete’s sake!

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Trusera nominated for the SXSW People's Choice

Posted: 3 March 09

Just a quick update and request for the 5 of you who read the site: Recently, Trusera was nominated for the South by South West 2009 Interactive Festival’s People’s Choice Award. Yep, that’s a mouthful, but it’s also pretty damn flattering for us. Well, you know what would be even more flattering (and would look pretty nice framed on a wall or mentioned on my accolades page)? If we won the award due to your votes.

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For those not up to speed

Posted: 2 March 09

On Inauguration Day, I had a seizure while talking about the M’s with the eye doctor dkr and I share.

Early February, I had an object the size of a plum surgically plucked from my skull. A granuloma, to be exact.

Late February introduced the idea of blood clots in my leg due to the surgery. A filter in my veins, anti-coagulant injections every morning delivered by my fiancée.

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One bite has changed a lot of lives

Posted: 4 December 08

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Posted: 12 November 08

As I currently work on a minor new feature for the Trusera website, I’m reminded for the fourth or fifth time today that 12 November marks my one year Trusera “birthday.” It seems bizarre to realise that exactly one year ago, I was sitting—eyes wide, brain trickling out my ear—at the end of my first day. We’d just undertaken the company’s first sprint planning meeting (we use the agile development method called Scrum), and it lasted from around 9am til damn near 5pm, if memory serves correctly. I’d never sat through a meeting that long—at least not one with a business context, and especially not one that I could not zone out of.

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What were you doing when Obama won?

Posted: 4 November 08

I guess the real question is this: What were you doing when you heard that Barack Obama was elected to become the 44th president of the United States?

Here’s what Sabrina and I were doing:

We went to Kidd Valley for a quick cheeseburger. We’d been following the results trickle in via the web for a few hours, and we figured we’d better get some food in our bodies before what we thought would be a long night of gritting our teeth. I loaded up on my iPhone, just to check in while we ate, and saw that McCain had picked up Nebraska. Oh well, I thought, and set the phone down. About two minutes later, I picked it back up.

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Plan for change

Posted: 19 September 08

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