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Enough distraction

Posted: 10 September 2008, 16:22

I’ve said it before—hell, this site has worn a button for the past year or more—but I’ll say it again: I’m very proudly voting for this man.

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Silverback: Usability testing for apes

Posted: 14 August 2008, 19:56

Like many in my field, I was intrigued by the nifty “Coming Soon” page for Silverback when word started pinging around the design-o-sphere. A page with a cool parallax effect (all the rage for a few months there), an illustration of a rather nerdy-looking gorilla (by the ever-talented Jon Hicks), and a notification sign up. No one really seemed to know what the hell this Silverback was, but the page was great and it was coming from Clearleft, so that was all many of us needed. Some surmised that the app was some sort of stats package, ala Mint, due to the graphs on the ape’s clipboard, and since these were, after all, web developers. No one even mentioned that is might be a desktop app.

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Loud noises!

Posted: 4 August 2008, 17:14

Over the weekend, we were treated to two shows of the Blue Angels jet squadron, zooming around Lake Washington (and thus our apartment) as part of Seafair. We were thus also “treated” to the ungodly noise that accompanies six F-18 fighter jets screaming by at extremely low altitudes. Oh joy.

On a positive note, it was pretty impressive, and a lot of people seemed to have a really good time on our apartment complex docks, including this intrepid soul, who decided the flying shouldn’t be hogged by the jets.

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Trusera officially launches

Posted: 16 June 2008, 14:27

Let’s just say last night was a busy night here in Seattle. We officially launched the all-new at 9pm Pacific Time.

Busy bees as we launched new Trusera

The devs running scripts to migrate old site info to new site

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Sabrina enjoys some sunlight outside Vera Project

Posted: 5 June 2008, 16:36

My sunshine is finally here.

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Moving Pictures to Document Moving People

Posted: 2 June 2008, 15:16

So, a little over a week ago, I got my wish. We loaded up a trailer full of Sabrina’s stuff and made the 850 mile slog from Salt Lake City to her new place of residence beside my hairy arse. I could wax poetic about the endurance trial we experienced, but why type a thousand words when one picture will do the same. And even better, why not an eight minute, 50 second video? At 24 pictures every second, this video clocks in at a whopping 12,720,000 words! I know I’m verbose at times, but there is no way I could top that…

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For all the great features of the iPhone...

Posted: 24 February 2008, 21:58

I have to admit that they’ve really regressed in the selection of songs for the On-The-Go playlist. Normal iPods can add any song on the go to a special playlist simply by highlighting the song and holding down on the center button until it flashes. Simple.

On an iPhone/iPod Touch, however, to add a song to this playlist is an enormously more difficult task. Once in the iPod section, you have to go to the Playlists section (which, in my case, is hidden under the “More…” button), then choose “On The Go.” This pops up an “Add Songs to the On-The-Go Playlist” menu (you many have to hit Edit if you already have songs there, then tap the plus), which, if you’re like me and have quite a bit of music on your device, is quite a list to flick through. The helpful Rolodex-esque sidebar selector from the normal selection menus is missing, causing you to need to be extremely diligent, especially when you song starts with something far down the list, such as my fav Wilco song, Theologians. Somewhere in the process, I always manage to accidentally switch to the video or podcast menus, yet still be in On-The-Go selection mode, and somehow still not realise it, forcing me to start over again. Once you finally get to the song you want, tap the plus button, and it is added, strangely becoming greyed out, so you cannot add it again (my old skool trick of stacking the deck with a song I’ll want to hear more often). And strangely, sometimes going back to add more lands you in a completely different category (like albums, etc).

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It Can Be Sunny In Seattle In February

Posted: 18 February 2008, 15:08



Did I mention I miss this face?

Posted: 28 January 2008, 21:27


I did? Well, yeah, I do. Luckily for me, I get to see her again on valentine’s day. And I couldn’t be more elated.

Succumbing to a meme

Posted: 14 January 2008, 20:46

Okay, so I normally hate those pesky memes that spread across the intertube (Garrett, I’m just saying it that way to push buttons), and lord knows it’s probably because I’m usually the last one in on it. Anyhoo, my friend Christine happened to post a fun little meme on her LiveJournal (people still use LJ?) that, to me at least, is kind of fun and not entirely stupid. What is it? Well, glad you asked:

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