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I miss this face

Posted: 18 November 2007, 22:26

Thriftland find: Whilst on the phone with Corey and being a bit of a tool...

Thriftland find

My girlie Sabrina. I miss. I miss. I miss.

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The end and beginning of familiar

Posted: 11 November 2007, 21:01

Here I am. It’s sunday night here in Leschi, and the neighbour’s dogs are yapping—of course, inexplicably. I can hear the water outside… or maybe it’s just the sound of I-90 to the south. My brand new job starts tomorrow, and I’ll admit I’m a bit wigged out. You know, it’s that make or break moment: see if I actually live up to the interviews and hype that got me hired. If I live up to what had my wonderful HR rep driving me all over town for a day and a half. If I live up to my own expectations.

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Salt Lake, I Love You

Posted: 25 October 2007, 16:18

...but you’re bringing me down.

Sorry, I was listening to LCD Soundsystem this morning, and the track “New York, I Love You” came on, and it seemed applicable. What I’m trying to say is that as of the 12th of next month, I will no longer reside in the town of my birth, Salt Lake City. I’ve accepted a position at Trusera (we’re hiring, btw) in Seattle, Washington.

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iTunes Plus Price drop?

Posted: 16 October 2007, 01:43

There are reports that $0.99 iTunes Plus (you know, the DRM free variety) tracks have been popping up at the iTunes Store. John Gruber speculates that it’s either a mistake (doubtful, having looked around, noticed all Sub Pop releases are the same), the introduction of variable single pricing (not entirely impossible… there are still a lot of $1.29 singles in the iTunes Plus section, including Smashing Pumpkins albums that I’m not sure I noticed before), or, perhaps, the early stages of a unilateral price drop to 99 cents for non-DRM tracks. ArsTechnica agree with the latter proposition:

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Charity Yard Sale for MS

Posted: 11 September 2007, 17:03

My family and the Lucky 13s are putting on a MASSIVE yard sale this Saturday here in SLC (technically in Murray, where the majority of my family live) to benefit those with MS, like my brother, Seth. When I say massive, I really mean it. I visited my mother on Sunday and they’d only just begun sorting the donated items, and I was overwhelmed by the sheer scope of it all. If you dig yard sales, or even if you don’t (there will be a boutique section with fine art, jewelry, etc… it’s not all hand me down stuff here), come on by and spend some cash for a good cause.

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Aww... pretty

Posted: 10 September 2007, 22:52

Sundance Cuddle

Me and the Bean at Sundance. Yeah, it’s blurry as hell, but she liked the photo, so yeah.

No love for the Snake?

Posted: 5 September 2007, 18:12

I’ll admit I’m a bit obsessed with good podcasts (and I’ve always loved video tutorials, so therefor screencasts are a godsend). I probably look for new podcasts to subscribe to every week. Not that I listen to them all the time (some I add and listen to once before discarding), and frankly some just annoy me in their “hey, let’s make this sound like talk radio with all the annoying sound effects and interstitials” approach, but still… when I find a good one, I’m all over that thing like the press corps on an outted homosexual republican. Example: the Maniacal Rage Podcast (neé Garrett Murray Podcast)... I listen to the show perhaps a bit too much. And I’m always showing off Dinner With The Band to friends that come by my house.

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Posted: 23 August 2007, 17:41

When I was recently in the Seattle area, I went to dinner with my buddy Tyler and his brother Kyle. We’d just finished watching an inane Michael Bay movie, and I had to get up the following morning before 5 A.M. to be ready for the car service to the airport, so I was thinking of packing it in and heading back to my hotel when someone suggested dinner. I was pretty hungry, and it was only 9:30, so I figured what the hell.

Downtown Bellevue is a land of highly expensive bistros and the like. I’d made the mistake of plopping into one on my first night in town (frankly, I was sick of walking around and saw an italian restaurant), and walked away 20 dollars lighter in the pocket. And mind you, I’d only had a glass of water and one of the cheapest entrées. So, as we walked down the street my final evening in town, I was on the look-out for something that said “chain” or “fast” but most certainly “cheap.” Then Kyle—who, like his brother, had gone to high school in the area—suggested a Thai restaurant. By the sound of the name, I feared for my wallet…

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Got It Goin' On

Posted: 15 August 2007, 14:09

Well, the B does stand for Brett…

32 Degrees

Posted: 13 August 2007, 15:29

I spent the weekend in lovely Seattle. I won’t divulge the details of what transpired there quite yet, but suffice it to say that I had a nice time, and, well, I’m trying to adjust back to the Utah weather:

It is currently 105 in SLC, and 73 in Seattle

All hail air-conditioning… that’s all I can say.